The Easiest Way To Get An RSS Feed For Your Blog Or Site

For some people, the term “RSS” is just as complicated as the term “SEO”. Both are good marketing strategies, but RSS marketing is much easier than SEO marketing. Nevertheless, as many website publishers are looking for free access to more new content for their websites, RSS marketing can get you a large number of new website visitors in a short amount of time.

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) … you have to sit down and learn about search engines, understand how their algorithms work, and spend months trying to rank your website or blog on the first page of search results . This is very complicated, long and boring work … but if you know how to use it correctly it will be very effective. However, in RSS marketing this is almost a “copy and paste” job.

Now it is easy to get RSS feeds. The easiest and easiest way is to use a service called Now if you are an engineer and know how to create atomic feeds and xml feeds … please be my guest and use them in your company. However, if you are lazy like me and want to get the job done right away then better to stick with Feedburner.

However, if you choose to use Feedburner, you will need a blog. The easiest way to get a blog is through the free service This website can provide you with a brand new blog in less than 4 minutes. No HTML skills are required. They are great for beginners and the interface is easy to use.

So once you have the blog, go to Feedburner and download the RSS feed. This is the feed you want to promote around the world so that your content can be jointly published and delivered on the web. How do people find your RSS feed? Well, it is very simple … by using the RSS directory.

These are just websites that store RSS feeds for website owners, and these owners need to use RSS feeds to get more content on their websites. The more people use RSS feeds, the more people visit your blog, and the more people you subscribe and want to buy from you. There are now a large number of RSS directories. You need to find them and start submitting them immediately.

With this method, you can get a lot of traffic back to your blog. I suggest you post your feed in as many RSS directories as possible to further promote your products and services. This is a lot like article marketing. You submit your article to the article directory and the website owner comes to use your content on your website.

You should be intimidated by RSS. This is an easy way to promote your business for free, and also an easy way to link your blog to your blog – this will increase your search engine rankings, attracting more visitors and generating more sales.

RSS marketing is easy and fun. Compared to SEO, this is really a step up. If you want to attract more visitors and make more money with your website or blog, that’s definitely what you should do.

Good luck using RSS marketing in your business.


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