Top 6 Tips for Optimizing Your RSS

If you are a blogger and don’t know the full meaning of RSS, RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication, a series of web feed formats that are automatically updated on a regular basis. Hence, in a blog, it is usually adopted the form of a blog post. Whenever you publish a blog post, whether it is bookmarked or subscribed to the RSS feed via email, they are automatically updated or notified of new posts. In short, this is the easiest way to learn about RSS …

What do we mean by optimizing your RSS? Let me explain-

When I talk about RSS optimization, I mean taking steps to ensure that RSS’s performance is effective in attracting new subscribers to your content (i.e., your blog). Let’s take a look –

Tips for optimizing RSS

Move them, make them feel satisfied and surprised.
First of all, if you are not providing excellent quality and rich content, the following five tips will not be of value to you …

Provide full RSS

Provide your readers with two options, either to subscribe via RSS bookmarks or to subscribe to RSS updates via email.

Make it unique

Consider the design of the RSS icon and the design of the RSS email sign-up form. Make it unique; add some extra text or incentives to attract readers to subscribe. Don’t bomb it to make it look like a billboard; just make it stand out.

Make it visible and easy to register.

While you can make RSS unique, don’t tilt it back, as this will make it difficult for readers to find or sign up for the RSS subscriber icon.

I have visited many blogs that love to read content, but I was very frustrated because I couldn’t find the RSS subscription form or icon. In the footer, there is a no ! hidden on other pages of your blog, no, no, no ! no … the worst part is! The top of the sidebar and bottom of the post are usually the best places to have the RSS icon and the subscriber form.

Don’t give them questionnaires or check radial button lists; just make it very simple.

Let them know everything.

Don’t assume that everyone knows the meaning of the orange square RSS logo. Consider teaching your readers about RSS; write a few articles or do a video tutorial to explain all of the content and the value of subscribing to RSS feeds. Education is the best policy in any blogging segment.

Don’t give them too many other options.

My final tip is for those who want to massively increase the number of RSS subscribers. Don’t overload readers with other subscription methods. You will find that many bloggers post RSS icons along with social icons and everything else. This isn’t a bad thing at all, so please don’t get me wrong, but if you really want more subscribers, send RSS, Post it near the top of the sidebar and post the rest (like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) underneath.

So, check out the techniques for optimizing bulleted RSS because do we all love bullets? Yes, I think so.

  • Provide readers with great content
  • Provide full RSS
  • Make it unique, visible, and easy to enroll
  • Let your readers know what RSS is
  • Don’t give readers too many other options (if you want to have more RSS subscribers)

What do you think?

Well, these are my tips to help you optimize RSS and get the most out of RSS to attract more subscribers. Now I want to hear your opinion or share your own suggestions. Do this as usual in the comments below.

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