Use RSS to Increase Your Page Ranking

Not only is it feasible to carefully design an RSS-based strategy to improve your page rank which increases the number of visits to the website, but it is highly recommended that you do so. Regularly updated websites increase their chances of being indexed regularly. This action will turn into organic traffic, that is, visitors who naturally visit your website after typing in a keyword.

However, your website needs to be in the top ten results to get better results, and it is only possible if your page rank remains good. Getting a rank or improving your presence isn’t difficult, just remember these steps.

First, make a checklist and check these points carefully. Is your website content available via RSS? If your answer is yes, make sure your website is developed on a platform that can ping the RSS news service. This is essential for notifying search engines of the latest additions or changes.

If your website doesn’t support RSS, you can migrate the actual format to a software platform with Really Simple Syndication enabled, or you can hire developers to implement RSS feeds in your actual web design, format and coding. This is necessary if you want to use RSS for page ranking and many other purposes.

After confirming that you want to enable RSS on the site, analyze your distribution strategy. The first thing to do is to ping the update service. Some publishing systems (such as WordPress) have a default service, which is automatically called when you add or change content on the website. In addition, this software and other software enable manual ping by adding the URL of the update service (usually in the field displayed at the bottom of the version page) or by clicking a link.

If you can’t ping through your own website script, make a list of websites that offer free and paid online pinging services, and submit your feed immediately after any changes to your website. If your website content is rarely or infrequently updated, consider including third-party syndication content.

Many websites explicitly allow webmasters to obtain their updates to copy them themselves. Be careful not to overuse this service to prevent search engines from penalizing duplicate content. Encourage visitors to subscribe to your updates and keep a balance between internal and external feeds. This will certainly help you improve your page rank faster than you expected.

The Good, The Bad and The Unbelievable of RSS

Collaborative distribution is arguably the best way to distribute content, and it is widely used by authors seeking exposure or publishing original content. If traditional distribution methods are followed, this content may not be immediately available to the public. While RSS is not unique to the author, anyone posting content on the Internet should be held accountable as long as it reflects original thoughts or ideas or simply expresses personal opinions.

It is also certain that not all content on the Internet is original. We should all always quote or quote the words of others, but if content is your primary concern, you should understand that RSS can do something for you and against it. What .

As mentioned above, whether you are publishing a fictional story or developing software or developing the latest findings of a marketing strategy, collaborative organization work is the best way to engage readers. This is a good aspect of RSS feeds, but if you are at a loss, you will find that anyone can not only get your content to read, but also copy it on other websites.

You can use programming languages ​​such as PHP to easily integrate the RSS format into any web page, and even use JavaScript to easily integrate the RSS format into any HTML page. Many online tools are available for this. This is a good thing when it comes to gaining recognition, disclosing or publishing a work, but it is not good if you want to maintain the exclusivity of the syndicated content.

Many websites have added terms of use to prevent people from copying, copying, or distributing content, but not everyone adheres to these rules. The only way to know who has broken the Terms of Service is to continuously monitor the web. Google has an alert system that can be used for this: the alert system immediately sends an e-mail when a certain keyword or keyword chain appears, or sends an e-mail immediately or sends an e-mail within a predetermined time frame.

This is all incredible. You can use RSS to make the exact same copy of other people’s content, and those who copy RSS content when the RSS content is invalid could end up being penalized by search engines for publishing duplicate content. Therefore, when you want to include external feeds on your site, you should first check that there are no restrictions on fetching the feeds and then be careful about the amount of content copied to avoid penalties.


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