Benefits of RSS for Business

Many small business owners have a small opinion about the benefits of syndicating their content, but not everyone knows exactly how to succeed. Indeed, success is not as easy as setting up a blog to generate RSS feeds.

While most blog publishing platforms have integrated code resources to generate feeds as soon as new content is created or changed, the whole process can be divided into two completely different areas. Coding and manual entry.

Coding RSS feeds is an automated process dynamically generated by programming languages ​​such as PHP, Phyton, ASP, ASP.NET or Ruby on Rails. Unless the business owner is also interested in web development, it doesn’t matter much, just add content to the blog or website so that the script generates the feed and calls the update service for notification.

Even from a human point of view, business owners are responsible for the content that is published and try to sell this content successfully. A well-designed internet marketing strategy should pay attention to every article and post, and use a descriptive title. The title should be no less than four words and it is best to include the main keyword.

In addition to correct keyword density, you should also check the spelling and grammar of the content. Keyword density refers to the number of times a particular keyword or group of keywords appears repeatedly in an article without spam or filled keywords. Keyword density is in percentages based on the length of the article, but the recommended number should be between 2-4%.

A big mistake in marketing is to consider search engines when creating content, rather than analyzing what surfers are looking for. The content published via RSS should live up to surfers’ expectations and not just become food for cultivating search engine crawling. Understanding what surfers expect from a blog or website is getting closer to success.

Nevertheless, RSS is the best complementary communication tool widely distributed in terms of product updates, new inventory or discontinued services. Therefore, business owners can consider having multiple RSS feeds, but one for each topic, field or department. This will certainly make surfers’ lives easier, subscribe only to the feeds they are interested in, and also subscribe to the website that syndicates your content, and choose the sleek style that best suits their own needs.

RSS Feeds Promotion Guide

Send to RSS directory

Posting the feed to the RSS directory will give you more links to the feed’s website and expand your personal information. You can submit feeds easily, there are several search engines and directories. In most cases, you will need to add your feeds to the appropriate categories and topics based on the catalog or search engine. When surfers search for topics they like, they will naturally search for them based on the topic. This makes it easier for audience readers to find and subscribe to your feed.

Explain it to the reader

Some surfers have not yet used RSS feeds, so some guidance is needed to find and subscribe to your feed. It’s a good idea to make sure your readers understand how to subscribe to your feed. The easiest way is to provide that big orange button.

Of course, you can use any type of images for readers to subscribe to your feed. It should be clear and bold and be in the top half of the page. If you are using a website such as WordPress, subscribing to your feed is easy.

press release

When you announce to the world that you have RSS feeds, too many people ignore the use of the press. This is actually a very good idea, and more visitors will come to your website to learn more about your topic. If they are interested, they will of course subscribe and you will get new followers.

Your subscribers

If you already have a subscriber newsletter, you can easily write articles about the new feed. Your newsletter subscribers will automatically subscribe because they are interested in your topic or they will not subscribe to your newsletter in the first place.

If you regularly browse blogs or forums, you can easily announce a new RSS feed by putting the link in your signature. This will of course bring in new visitors. Always add the link in the signature to the feed and send it to all outgoing emails. For whatever reason, this will also help attract traffic from all users who interact with you.

After all the work is done, you should update the feed at least twice a week. Internet users need up-to-date, up-to-date information. This means that you should keep a close eye on the topic and not allow other webmasters to notify the public before the topic.

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