How to Display RSS Feeds on Your Website – Follow These Steps

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” It is used to publish regularly updated content for readers, which can be web-based, desktop or even mobile readers. This is a great way to add content to your website as it is updated at an interval of your choice, keeping the website content up to date and more relevant to your audience.

RSS feeds contain news stories, blogs, videos and even web pages. You have probably already seen these feeds when searching the internet. Have you ever noticed that some web pages display orange icons indicating that the page or the content on the page is an RSS feed?

Finding feeds is easy, just enter the type of feed you want to find in the search engine you want and then include “RSS” in the search query. Suppose you are interested in cars; search for cars + rss feeds. Maybe you like gardening; try gardening + rss feed. Most major news sites and major search engines have feeds.

If you find a site with an RSS feed, you will need to copy the link. Locate the orange icon and right-click the orange icon or title next to it, select “Copy Link Location” from the pop-up menu and paste it into the document for later use. The link usually includes the word “RSS” or “feed” to identify it as a feed. Sometimes when you use this method to process the link, the link contains extra code, just delete everything after rss / or feed /.

Knowing that you are interested in a feed, it is time to publish it on your website. You can add the feed to your site by entering the XML code, but going to a website that does this for you is much easier and much faster. Remember, the purpose of adding an RSS feed is to add current content to your site, not to spend time learning XML code.

There are many sites to add feeds to your site, just search for “add RSS feeds to website” and you will get a large list.

When you decide to be on a site, you must register with them; most sites are free or offer a certain number of RSS feeds for free.

Some websites give you options to choose the feed format, such as HTML, Flash and PDF.

You can choose to filter the feed to get the exact content you need.

After making your choice, you will be given some code to paste into your site. The whole process only takes about 10-15 minutes. Your website receives continuous and up-to-date information every day to attract your audience.


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