Online Marketing With RSS

In this article, you will discover the power of using RSS in online marketing practices. In fact, many online marketers have not really considered using RSS to help their websites. Hence, you will find out how to generate RSS in the fastest and right way to use RSS.

The fastest way to generate RSS

While there are many websites that can generate RSS by scanning every page of a website, the best way to generate properly formatted and well-organized RSS is to let your content management system (CMS) generate it for you. Those CMSs include, but are not limited to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. The RSS function is enabled by default on those CMS systems. All you need to do is create some content and then RSS will be automatically generated.

If you already have a website and don’t want to change many existing websites, you can hire a part-time or freelance programmer to help you create your own RSS feed. Depending on the complexity of your website, it usually doesn’t take long to create this type of RSS feed.

Now let’s talk about using RSS.

Use RSS to help you with online marketing

The purpose of using RSS feeds is to broadcast real-time updates on your latest content. Therefore, make sure that the content you want to broadcast is relevant to your target audience and your visitors.

The next benefit of using RSS is to bring links to your website. When you post an RSS feed on different RSS sites, once an article is published, these RSS sites will immediately show your latest articles to your members and search engines. And because these websites cannot get all of the content from you, they will use links to link to your website. If people are interested in your article, they click the link and go to your website. Since backlinks are an important element of SEO, having links to these RSS sites can help you improve the ranking of your website.

In other words, the best way to use RSS is to regularly update websites with unique content. As soon as you publish an article, you will be immediately notified via search engines and you will be linked to your article.

However, don’t spam those RSS sites by regularly submitting content. As per the terms of RSS websites, they usually have the option to remove RSS to ensure the quality of their content. So pay close attention to this.


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