RSS Feeds and Article Marketing

RSS feeds are currently an underused way of marketing articles. You can use RSS feeds to increase your visibility and readership and get more network traffic.

If you’re not familiar with RSS, it usually stands for Really Simple Syndication, which allows website owners to quickly and easily publish syndicated content in real time. Although it has been around for many years, it still has limited popularity given its usefulness and strength. Not only can subscribers know your content in real time, other publishers can link to your feed and use it on their site to get the latest content.

Due to its complexity, RSS is a powerful tool, but it is still ignored by many marketers. Since subscribers don’t share emails, multiple emails can be sent in one day and the inbox monitor doesn’t treat them as spam. The feed is sent to a feed reader or aggregator, without using an email address.

The purpose of this article is not to describe the full capabilities of RSS. If you really want to know, Wikipedia gives a good technical description. In simple terms, website authors create feeds on their website. They can use feed creation software, or they can use web-based resources such as Feedburner to perform this task for them. Interested readers click on the link on the website. It could say RSS, Feed or XML. Then they take the feed URL and paste it into a feed reader or aggregator, such as the web-based aggregators found on My.Yahoo, My.MSN, and Google+. Then provide a summary of each post or update for subscribers to read. If they are interested, they can click on the link and read the entire article on the publishing site.

How to realize article marketing via RSS feed?

As an author, create a separate feed for your site. If you want to publish in the article directory, this may have been done for you. As a marketer, you should take advantage of this benefit and publish feed links to popular RSS submission sites. Once this is done, every time a new article is published, it will be immediately added to the feed. Plus, add your own site’s feed link to every article you submit to create high-quality links that search engines like and to encourage readers to subscribe to your own site’s feed.

Using RSS feeds through article marketing campaigns is another way to draw potential new customers to your website. In addition, you can use Google AdSense in your feeds to generate additional income.

The biggest benefit of using RSS feeds is that subscribers are interested in your articles and updates and want to know when you have new content published. It can also help you rank your website in search engine results as search engines prefer websites that are updated regularly.

Now is the best time to add RSS feeds to article marketing efforts and drive results.

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