RSS Feeds – Easy Steps to Promoting Your RSS Feeds On Your Website

RSS is a great way to distribute content, but what if you don’t have subscribers?

First, you must use RSS, which is short for Really Simple Syndication. Many people don’t subscribe to RSS because they don’t know what RSS is, but this situation is changing. The advantage of RSS feeds is that they don’t fill your inbox and you don’t send spam.

Just follow my steps to promote your feed and you will find yourself with a large number of subscribers.

On the website you often see a small orange icon, this is an RSS button. Sometimes there will be some text prompting readers to subscribe. If someone presses the button without a reader, they can see the XML document. It will only confuse them and cause them to leave. In addition to making this happen, you also need to do something different from almost all other users who offer RSS feeds via buttons.

Create an RSS information page.

For many users who haven’t yet understood RSS and its benefits, you should create a simple page to help them quickly understand RSS and why they need it. On the page, you should have five simple elements:

1. A brief description of what RSS is. Add a link to Wikipedia’s RSS page for those who like to get into details.

2. Three to five points on how choosing a feed can benefit the reader.

3. Link to your favorite RSS reader. For a really basic web-based reader, I recommend using it in Google+ as it is easy to understand. There are dozens of them, so do your research and choose what you like.

4. Includes two or three different RSS options, web-based options, desktop downloads, and even options for mobile devices.

5. A short paragraph on how to subscribe to your own RSS (and link).

6. A quick paragraph on why your RSS is essential to them!

7. Link to any RSS feed on your site and any other related website feeds you provide

Go now to promote your new page!

Like all content on the web, you need to promote it! Add your feed URL to your emails and e-magazines. Use engaging content to encourage readers to subscribe. Let them know the importance of subscribing to your website in real time.

Make sure your subscription link is visible in any format. If they can’t see it, they can’t subscribe!

It is easy to promote RSS feeds to the readers of your website. Follow the steps below and watch your subscriptions grow exponentially.


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