Syndicate Your RSS Feed From Your Blog to Your Group

Really good blogs have the best articles, the best content, and the best answers to the questions we’re all looking for. So what’s missing from blogging? We readers! We did not rush to find your answer and ran with our daily life, but were fascinated by the niche market site, fascinated and held hostage, frustrated, we left the search scope and never ended up on Your wonderful blog.

The article After Bedtime Blog about niche marketing sums it up nicely. Bloggers are hit badly by niche marketers and we all miss out. It’s time to change it.

  • Take immediate steps to improve your blog’s ranking and help readers find you
  • Include the title of your post, including specific keywords that best describe the article in the title
  • Repeat these keywords in some bold text and some places in the body of the article without compromising the quality of the article
  • Name an article from a blogger you respect, link to that article and get the ping/trace URL to your blog article
  • Dig your own articles
    Choose some forums with high rankings, create a nice profile with a link to your blog and post in these forums
  • Syndicate your blog’s RSS feed
  • There are a thousand other things, although the shortcomings don’t stop with the writing of this article. Spread the word and talk about your article on other websites, social networking sites, and linking sites so that other sites can link.

Syndicate your RSS feed

Your blogging platform may have automatically written RSS feeds for all blog posts. The feed URL is in the title of your blog, so look for it even if you don’t realize it’s there. You can take steps to make this RSS feed work for you. There are many sites that can accept RSS feed submissions, merge your feed with other feeds, and help you distribute content.

Readers will see your feed on other sites, read your title and summary, and click to access your blog. Therefore, not only can you become widely known and get good SEO benefits, but you can also attract real blog readers and use the tools of the blogging platform for free, which you already have. You just have to act.

Take action, join the blog group and give them a resource. We will work together to turn the tide of niche marketers and pull our readers back!


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