Use and Abuse of RSS

There are many advantages to implementing RSS technology on a website, but there are also some disadvantages that we can define as the use and misuse of the Really Simple connection. Usage is very clear and it is not always easy to spot this abuse at first glance, so you should be aware of it before it actually happens.

Among the many uses of RSS we can find blogs, e-commerce, internet marketing, syndication, email marketing, search engine optimization, branding, online advertising, content publishing, search engine marketing and digital public relations.

For all these fields and many others, the RSS feed is a useful tool to broadcast real-time updates on newly added content. The feed is automatically generated by the publishing system or a core script with RSS function, but can also be produced using an RSS feed builder that generates XML code to be placed on the website when needed .

But publishing your web content can lead to abuse. While the ultimate goal of syndication is for other sites to republish your content, it isn’t always beneficial. If you’re looking for uniqueness on the internet, the federation will cause duplication, but don’t panic. Search engines can identify the original source and attribute traffic and rank to you.

Nevertheless, many unethical webmasters can take your content to spam simultaneously from other websites, or as a filler for websites marked as spam. Since the RSS feed contains links to the original source, your website may contain links to places that search engines call “bad neighbors”.

On the other hand, the proper use of RSS includes valuable updates for relevant content that you want visitors and potential customers to read, but when you misuse these updates to add irrelevant information, the abuse can reoccur, whether voluntary or is non-productive. large amount of time and shortest time interval.

Updating your website content is effective because it broadcasts news about news, but often inadvertent pinging Update Services and Search Engines can result in your website being banned from using such services Spammers, although you don’t need this tag when abused, your readers notice it first and may decide to withdraw their RSS subscription to your news.

With RSS, your project can easily attract your target audience, so use it wisely to promote your website and gain popularity with search engines. Don’t let abuse hold you back from your path to success.


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