Using RSS As Part Of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

What strategy do you have in incorporating social media marketing into your overall internet marketing strategy? Are you planning to use Twitter? Facebook? my space? LinkedIn or Ning? Regardless of your strategy, you need a way to monetize these various services and spend your time wisely on these social networking sites.

However, one form of social marketing that many business owners don’t use is ‘RSS marketing’. This is a Web 2.0 strategy that is very easy to use. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” and it’s a great way to send content and articles to other people’s websites.

One of the fastest ways to get an RSS feed is to start a blog. Now there is a very technical way to create your own RSS feed from scratch, but I bet you don’t want to learn this technique, especially if you’re not a computer wizard. Fortunately, there is a free service that can create RSS feeds for you.

The website is called It’s free to use, just like a popular blogging platform Both useful services can help you enter a niche market, give yourself a name, distribute content over the Internet, and get back a lot of traffic without incurring any costs.

I like Blogger because they are easy to use. But not only that, they can also become reality. I know someone whose blog is simple and straightforward, with an annual income of over $ 100,000, but his information is incredible and his subscribers are numerous. I bet RSS marketing has played a part in making him a lot of money.

When you get the Feedburner RSS feed, you need to decide whether to use Blogger’s default “Atom” RSS feed or Feedburner’s RSS feed. I personally think you should use one from Feedburner as it is simple, effective, attractive and very easy to use.

Some people think RSS marketing will replace email marketing, but I disagree. Email marketing has a place in the world, just like RSS marketing. However, it is ridiculous to think that one person will cancel another. These two technologies are still valid and will work in the definitive future.

If you want subscribers to get new, fresh content, use RSS with your blog every day. This is smart, you don’t have to spend a dime setting up and promoting your website or blog. I like RSS, I think this is something you should research more.

The deeper you research RSS marketing, the more likely you are to use it and use it effectively for your business. Before you forget it, you should use it immediately.

Make sure to use these RSS tips for your business immediately.


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